The New Brunswick Drug Information System (DIS)

The New Brunswick Drug Information System is an electronic drug information system that encompasses "All Drugs for All People". The DIS is a central repository of all recorded drugs and devices ordered (or prescribed) and dispensed by authorized providers. The DIS provides a real-time comprehensive drug profile which can be accessed by authorized healthcare professionals at the point of care.

The patient profile will include information collected on drug allergies and/or intolerances, adverse drug reactions, patient notes and professional services. Real-time drug utilization reviews will be automatically performed by the system during prescribing and dispensing based on the consolidated patient drug profile to identify contraindications (e.g.: drug interactions, drug allergies.).

In time DIS will enable paperless prescribing (e-prescribing) where healthcare professionals will be able to enter or send a prescription to DIS where the patient's pharmacist will be able to access it immediately.

New! - NB DIS Stakeholder Communication - Nov 7th, 2011

New! - NB DIS Pharmacist Readiness Assessment Report - Sept 30th, 2011